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This new addition to the Jaza's World library has been in the pipeline for some time now, and is finally here for your viewing. Most of the writings here are stories done during my school life.

WARNING: All material in this section of the library copyright Jeremy Epstein, according to dates given for each work. In particular, the story 'Running Rings' is an official HSC major work, and any future HSC students planning to plagiarise this work from Jaza's World (or anywhere else) WILL be caught and WILL face severe consequences from the NSW Board of Studies (and from me!).

I like to make it well known that I am an advocate of freedom of information, and of free and unrestricted access to intellectual property. This is why I have put my work online for you to LOOK at. I have no objection to you being inspired by the material here, or to it being used explicitly IF it is properly referenced and I am acknowledged as the original author. However, I also like to make it clear that I believe the word 'appropriation' can often be synonymous with the word 'theft', and I will not tolerate anyone calling their work 'appropriated', if they have twisted the definition of this word to include 'plagiarism'.

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When I wrote it: Jan 2004.

Title: Israel diary

Info: During my trip to Israel (Dec 03 - Jan 04), I was extremely diligent in keeping a diary every single day, without fail. This online version of my diary has been divided up into days: each day is a separate page, and the itinerary (which I wrote when I got back home) serves as a table of contents. There are also photos from the gallery, which have been placed with corresponding entries to make the words more vivid. Please note that this is an edited version, and as such anything personal, boring, irrelevant, defamatory, etc. has been omitted from it.

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Best of all time

When I wrote it: Aug 2003.

Title: Running Rings

Info: This was my major work project for HSC English Extension 2. It deals with the difficulty of leaving the past behind, as well as with issues of conformity, lack of individualism, and the nature of fate and destiny. These themes are expressed through the life story of the central character, and his ongoing struggle to find acceptance within society by trying to discard his own personality. Just three days ago (18th Dec), I received my HSC results, and found that 'Running Rings' had scored a mark of 48/50! Now that the 2003 HSC is over, I am reasonably confident that I am not breaking any Board of Studies rules by putting this story online for public viewing.

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A note on ratings: in the last edition of Jaza's World, I provided a rating out of ten for each book. Seeing that all the books on this page are fantastic, I feel it is pointless giving perfect ratings to every book that I list. So just bear in mind that every book on this page is worthy of 10/10, except for those in the 'best of all time' section, which deserve at least 11/10.

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When I read it: Apr 2004.

Year published: 2003

Marching Powder

Title: Marching Powder

Author: Rusty Young

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Filed in: Crime

Best of all time

When I read it: Apr 1999.

Year published: 1955

The Lord Of The Rings

Title: The Lord Of The Rings

Author: J.R.R. Tolkien

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Filed in: Sci-fi / fantasy

Note: 'The Wheel of Time' series, and 'The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy' (a trilogy in four parts), are both in the sci-fi / fantasy archives. However, these two are also good enough to be right here on the front page.