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When I wrote it: Jan 2004.

Title: Israel diary

Info: During my trip to Israel (Dec 03 - Jan 04), I was extremely diligent in keeping a diary every single day, without fail. This online version of my diary has been divided up into days: each day is a separate page, and the itinerary (which I wrote when I got back home) serves as a table of contents. There are also photos from the gallery, which have been placed with corresponding entries to make the words more vivid. Please note that this is an edited version, and as such anything personal, boring, irrelevant, defamatory, etc. has been omitted from it.

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When I wrote it: Aug 2003.

Title: Running Rings

Info: This was my major work project for HSC English Extension 2. It deals with the difficulty of leaving the past behind, as well as with issues of conformity, lack of individualism, and the nature of fate and destiny. These themes are expressed through the life story of the central character, and his ongoing struggle to find acceptance within society by trying to discard his own personality. Just three days ago (18th Dec), I received my HSC results, and found that 'Running Rings' had scored a mark of 48/50! Now that the 2003 HSC is over, I am reasonably confident that I am not breaking any Board of Studies rules by putting this story online for public viewing.

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When I wrote it: May 2003.

Title: Traffic Light

Info: Written specifically for the Mosman Youth Awards in Literature 2003, this story won third place in the senior prose division of the competition. It has been published in the booklet of winning entries for the competition, as well as in Killara High School's 'Green Years' magazine. It's about an eccentric individual called Trevor, whose bizarre love affair with traffic lights leads to an unexpected anecdote in his life.

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When I wrote it: May 2003.

Title: Insect Terror

Info: Written for the Sydney Morning Herald Young Writer of the Year awards 2003. A quirky little story with a satirical twist.

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When I wrote it: Sep 2002.

Title: 'The Life Show' Live

Info: A writing task in Year 11 English, when we were studying Utopia. This piece describes a dystopic, nightmarish world where everyone is constantly watched and 'judged' by the ruling elite. I was inspired by the absolutely CRAP show 'Big Brother', and decided to invent a world where the idea of "it's time to go" had become far more than mere entertainment. It had become a question of life and death.

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When I wrote it: Apr 2000.

Title: Planet Earnest

Info: This was what I came up with when given the task of imagining a post-catastrophe world that humans would inhabit. We were studying 'The Chrysalids' at the time (in Year 9 English), a book that's set after the world is devastated by a nuclear holocaust.

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When I wrote it: Mar 2000.

Title: Interview with Matt Reilly

Info: A made-up interview with action author Matthew Reilly about his book 'Ice Station'.

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When I wrote it: Sep 1999.

Title: The Overweight Mermaid

Info: A very silly story, a fairy-tale parody, that I wrote when I was in year 7. I originally thought it wouldn't be of a high enough quality to go in this library, but looking back, it's actually quite cute and is full of amusing (if juvenile) little jokes.

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