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This section existed on the previous edition of Jaza's World, in name only. Now it actually has content on it. In much the same way as the library has book reviews, so too does this section have game reviews. Also, as with the book reviews, I haven't bothered to put ratings down, since all the games here are worthy of at least 10/10.

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Most recent

When I played it: Feb 2003.

Year released: 2001

Empire Earth

Title: Empire Earth

Author: Sierra Entertainment

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Filed in: Strategy

Best of all time

When I played it: Aug 2002.

Year released: 2001

SimCity 3000

Title: SimCity 3000

Author: Maxis (Electronic Arts)

Read: Full review

Filed in: Simulation

Note: Grand Theft Auto II, and Thief 2: The Metal Age, are both in the Evil / Criminal archives where they belong. However, these games are two of my personal favourites of all time, and so please bear in mind that although they're hidden away in the archives, they are good enough to be right here on the front page.