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This is the personal web site of Jeremy Epstein, all-round web geek and founder of GreenAsh. On Jaza's World, you can find things such as photos, book reviews, and cool links.

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9th Apr 2021

After running on "a custom lightweight PHP system" for the past 6 years or so, Jaza's World has just been rebuilt in Eleventy, a static site generator (SSG). This has allowed me to move Jaza's World to be hosted on Netlify, instead of on my ol' VPS. I recently did a similar migration of Jaza's World Trip to Hugo, another SSG. Expect a tech write-up of the Eleventy experience on GreenAsh soon. Anyway, sorry to disappoint those of you who are awaiting the overdue demise of "that lame prehistoric blight upon cyberspace" known as Jaza's World. Not dead yet!

This purple hippo still holds the much-coveted position of:

Official Jaza's World mascot!

For those of you that are old-timers: welcome back, and I hope you stay longer than you did last time. And for those of you that are new: the toilet's down the hall on the left, and sorry if the milk's off. Yes, this is Jaza's World. It's at approximately version 5.0, although it may be more than that, as I haven't been keeping track properly. And for the first time, it's dynamic, template-based, and CMS-powered.

Jaza's World has been proudly contributing very little to the Internet since 1998. I hope to continue this grand and glorious tradition for many more years, with the aim of many more people finding Jaza's World and feeling that they were right all along, in thinking that the Internet really is full of useless gunk. Gunk such as Jaza's Favourite Friggin' Fact:

The capital of Chad is N'Djamena!

Of course, I don't actually know anything about Chad (except that it's the home of the controversially named 'Lake Chad'), since I live far away in Sydney Australia. Now, here's some new info about the various sections of Jaza's World, to get you started:

Gallery: Nice way of saying 'Photos, photos and more photos'. The usual shots of family gatherings over the years, as well as shots from social events, birthday parties, and holidays. Funny photos will feature prominently.
Library: Incorporating the old 'books' section, which will have most of the old favourites and their ratings, as well as plenty of new books I recommend to all of you. If you're lucky, you may find some of my written work available on this page too.
Kennel: Jaza's World just wouldn't be Jaza's World without Boo's kennel. Sadly, Boo is no more; but his cyberspirit remains, complete with the famous story and the usual photo shoots. You can find Boo's most glamorous shots, such as 'Boo with tennis ball 1', 'Boo with tennis ball 26', etc.
Interests: I plan for this area to be mainly about computer games and stuff. But whatever takes my fancy, it may also get a mention here!
Guestbook: The same old guestbook as ever, except with some brand new fields I added just for fun. The complete archive of entries (dating back to c. 1997) also available.
Links: The once proud Links page was for many years the best thing about Jaza's World. For some time it fell into shadow, but now it has returned with its legendary enormous list of web sites.
Contact: Every conceivable way you can contact me. Well, not every way, but enough to get the message across.

Site news:

10th Feb 2015

After running on an increasingly crusty install of Drupal 4.7 for the past 8 years or so, Jaza's World has just been converted to a custom lightweight PHP system, with no database and with all content living in plain ol' files. I migrated Jaza's World Trip over to this system last year (also from Drupal 4.7), and blogged about some of the geekier details on GreenAsh. In a nutshell: the new system is perfect for a site like Jaza's World, which is basically (long since) retired / archived, and which should ideally run with minimal dev requirements, and use up minimal server resources. So, enjoy the same old Jaza's World, preserved in all its bizarre hippo-trumpeting glory for a whole lot longer.

17th Jan 2007

After being left out in the cold for almost 3 years, Jaza's World has finally been relocated to GreenAsh, and converted over to Drupal! This has been on my to-do list ever since I first launched GreenAsh, but getting round to doing it took a bit longer than I expected. This new edition of Jaza's World maintains the same design as its predecessor, except that it's now using tableless, standards-compliant markup, implemented as a Drupal theme. It also has (almost) all the same old content, which turned out to be over 500 nodes once it was all migrated into Drupal. Now that Jaza's World is dynamic and CMS-powered for the first time in it's history, it will be easier to update it than ever. Nevertheless, I probably won't be updating it much more often than I have done in the past: i.e. not much. So enjoy the same old Jaza's World, but with a new address, and with all-new bells and whistles going on behind the scenes.

24th Apr 2004

New book in the Library, 'Marching Powder', which I highly recommend to all of you.

More news items can be found in the news archive.