Jaza's World

Jaza's World joins GreenAsh

After being left out in the cold for almost 3 years, Jaza's World has finally been relocated to GreenAsh, and converted over to Drupal! This has been on my to-do list ever since I first launched GreenAsh, but getting round to doing it took a bit longer than I expected. This new edition of Jaza's World maintains the same design as its predecessor, except that it's now using tableless, standards-compliant markup, implemented as a Drupal theme. It also has (almost) all the same old content, which turned out to be over 500 nodes once it was all migrated into Drupal. Now that Jaza's World is dynamic and CMS-powered for the first time in it's history, it will be easier to update it than ever. Nevertheless, I probably won't be updating it much more often than I have done in the past: i.e. not much. So enjoy the same old Jaza's World, but with a new address, and with all-new bells and whistles going on behind the scenes.