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Empire Earth

Empire Earth

The strategy game to end all strategy games. Imagine all the best RTS games packed into one: Age of Empires, StarCraft, Civilisation, Warcraft, etc. Imagine no more, because such a game exists, and it is Empire Earth! In this incredibly broad game, you can choose any civilisation from the Stone Age to the Nano Age, you can play as ancient or futuristic heroes, you can build a civilisation up from the dawn of time to the depths of the future! Four massive campaigns: Ancient Greek, Medieval British, 20th Century German, or Futuristic Russian. Plus the usuals such as multiplayer gaming, scenario editor, and much much more! The graphics are becoming a bit dated, but the ability to zoom in and change the viewpoint is something many RTS games still lack today, and it's something this game has. A very addictive, very challenging, and very engaging game that will keep you thinking and building for many, many hours!

Author: Sierra Entertainment

Year released: 2001

Filed in: Strategy