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Dead Famous

Dead Famous

Far more than just a crime novel, this is a superb send-up of 'Big Brother' and the reality TV craze that has so tragically swept the globe recently! 10 contestants go on the show 'House Arrest' (I guess Elton changed the name to avoid litigation, but he did a dedication to all the AUS (Sara-Marie and all them) and UK folks from the first Big Brother series). One of them is killed and, with thousands of cameras in the house, the killer is not caught on tape! The characters are absolutely hilarious: 'Woggle' is an anarchist who never showers because it would kill his fleas, and he respects their right to life; David is an actor who never made it big and overacts the whole time on the show; Moon is a butch Lesbian who swears constantly and eats like a pig; and Gazza is the bloke who does chin-ups on the doorframes, makes no bones about wanting to shag the ladies, and watches the footy whilst giving his balls a good scratch. Detective Coleridge, who investigates the murder, can't stand the show but has to watch hours of footage because it's all 'evidence'. And Geraldine Hennessey is the absolute bitch producer of the show, who cares about nothing except ratings and tabloids, and how they equal money. I won't talk about the plot, because the twist is SO good (best I've EVER read!) it would be a hanging offence to give it away. Read this book and you'll never again fall for the un-reality of reality TV!

Author: Ben Elton

Year published: 2001

Filed in: Crime