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A Demon in my View

A Demon in my View

An excellent work of crime fiction by British author Ruth Rendell, whose books I have never read before. It's about a lonely, boring old man called Arthur Johnson who lives in an apartment block in London. While he appears innocent, this man is actually a psychopath who murders women in dark alleys. One floor below him, Anthony Johnson (not related to Arthur) is writing a thesis on pyschopaths. The plot is brilliant in this book, with twists and turns that keep you on your feet all the way through. Characterisation is among the best I've seen. We get a good background for Arthur Johnson, and there's some excellent character interplay between the others. By the end, you really sympathise with Arthur is really quite a pitiable man, acting not out of malice but out of a strange kind of desire, or addiction. Rendell's style is unputdownable. A fascinating read, a true classic!

Author: Ruth Rendell

Year published: 1976

Filed in: Crime