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Jaza's World news archive.

12th Jul 2003

Simulation and Evil / Criminal archives now finished in the 'interests' section. I've decided to scrap Racing, have never really been a fan of racing games anyway. So as of now, the 'interests' section is complete. And guess what? The 'interests' section was the last one I had to finish! So, I am proud to announce, the new 2003 edition of Jaza's World is now finished and ready! Yay! Now let's go party...

12th Jul 2003

Interests page is now online, but is not yet finished. Most recent and best of all time PC games are up, as are all Strategy games. Simulation, Evil / Criminal, and Racing games will be up as soon as possible. Stay tuned!

12th Jul 2003

Ruth Rendell's 'A Demon in my View' just added to the library, and now featuring on the front page, under 'most recent'. Also, added a link to a Star Trek site in the links section.

11th Jul 2003

All new links page is up and running! Not as many links as I'd like it to have, but hey, it's a good start. Can't be bothered to put any more on for now (there are 16 currently listed), maybe some more will come later. Hopefully, there's enough there to be of use to you all. Enjoy!

10th Jul 2003

The very old and much-loved Jaza's World guestbook is back online! Features all-new fields, plus all the old favourites. Archives list all entries dating back to the very first ones of 1998! Archives are now divided into 'old' and 'new' sections, to make navigation easier. Also, hit counter added to the bottom of the front page.

9th Jul 2003

After a day of rather extensive review-writing, the Library is now updated and online! There are currently 16 books listed in the library, both on the front page and in the archives. All are dated, and come complete with lengthy descriptions. Also, every single book has a photo of the cover next to it. None of my work is online, as yet, but stay tuned! You never know, I might decide to put some on soon.

7th Jul 2003

Boo's kennel is updated and online! Info, pics and story all available for your viewing pleasure. Also, link to JazaWeb Network added, and some errors in the Gallery patched up.

4th May 2003

Gallery is now finished! It has the original USA trip (now on a separate page), family photos and camp photos, as well as 17th b'day, Yr 11 semi-formal, and France trip. All images are thumbnailed.

4th May 2003

'Contact' page completed.

3rd May 2003

The new design is finished, and the shell of the site is up and running. I think the new layout's quite nice, with the blue and yellow neon. Certainly a big improvement on what was up before. Hopefully most of the old content should be on this new site within the next day or so.