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Worms Armageddon

Worms Armageddon

KAMIKAZE! Worms is the all-time classic game where you build a team of worms, place them on the battlefield against enemy worms, and conduct an all-out war using a whole range of devastating weapons! The graphics are very good, the fact that it is not 3D makes it all the more fun - the battlefield is like a side-scrolling map. Use all sorts of strange weapons, from bazookas to napalm strikes to nuclear bombs to super sheep, as long as you send those enemy worms to their graves. The best thing about Worms, by far, is the sound - you can choose any accent you like for your worms, from Angry Scot to curry-loving Indian to Redneck Texan, and they'll say the cutest, most wacky things you could ever imagine. And, of course, although there are single-player levels and scenarios against the computer, the only way to really enjoy worms is to battle it out with your friends. Because it's turn-based, up to eight people can vs each other on the one computer. Pit your strength - and your aim with a grenade (mine's shocking) - against those of your friends, and see whose worms emerge victorious at the end of the day!

Author: Eidos Interactive

Year released: 2000

Filed in: Evil / Criminal