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Thief 2: The Metal Age

Thief 2: The Metal Age

The world's first, and best, 3D first-person stealer. You're dressed in black robes, you walk on tiptoe, and you stick to the shadows. Your name's Garrett, and you're the best thief there is. Your aim is to get into any place you can, grab a bag full of loot, and get out without being seen. Unlike the usual 3D game, which is a 'shoot-em-up', in Thief you have to avoid your enemies wherever possible, and use force only when you can't get around them some other way. You have a number of 'tools', such as lockpicks, water arrows, and a trusty club to knock people out with. The guards are stupid, but if you step where they can see you, they'll be after you in a flash. Of key importance in this game is not being seen! The graphics are excellent, but you'll have to turn your brightness up pretty high just to see what's going on. Most of the game is very dark, and if it gets light that's not a good thing. The sound is also phenomenal, perhaps the best in any game I've ever played. You have to turn your speakers up real loud, and listen real carefully, because you can hear people's footsteps get louder and softer as they're walking. You wouldn't want to step around a corner, if there's a guard walking your way! Thief 2: extremely interactive, highly addictive, incredibly detailed, and superbly original!

Author: Eidos Interactive

Year released: 2000

Filed in: Evil / Criminal