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The Sims

The Sims

What can I say about the world's single most popular electronic game, that has not been said already? The Sims is... incredible, phenomenal, breathtaking. It is, in a nutshell, a masterpiece. Control the lives of individual people, within their very own homes. Build their houses, buy their furniture, give them friends and partners, let them raise families. Employ them in jobs, make them fall in love, break their hearts. Create them. Kill them. Dress them up. Throw a party for them. Hire them a cleaner. Send them to the toilet, make them swim in the pool, order them to cook dinner. Whatever an everyday person does, you can make your Sims do! As I'm sure you know, the graphics are sensational, the gameplay is awesome, and the interface is simply spectacular. Not to mention, this game, the world's best selling ever, now has more expansion packs than most people have fingers and toes. The Sims... classic in SIMulation!

Author: Maxis (Electronic Arts)

Year released: 2001

Filed in: Simulation