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Grand Theft Auto II

Grand Theft Auto II

GTA2 is the most violent, most disgusting, most unsuitable, most absolutely incredibly FUN game ever created! You're all alone in the big city. Steal cars, grab guns, kill people, chase villains, and whatever you do keep away from the cops! Bonuses include such things as Kill Frenzy, Cop Killa, and Medical Emergency. Pick up the phones around the city, do jobs for the various organised crime syndicates, get paid for what you do, and bit by bit work your way up in the world of crime. This game has been criticised (and poked fun at) for its crappy birds-eye version of 3D graphics, but in my view the graphics are absolutely fine. The sound is awesome, though you might want to turn it down if there are people around who don't tolerate coarse language. And as for the gameplay... well, what could be more fun than stealing as many cars as you can, and running a few innocent civilians over on your way? Grand Theft Auto, the most devilishly fun game ever made!

Author: Take 2 Interactive

Year released: 2001

Filed in: Evil / Criminal