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Flight Simulator 2002

Flight Simulator 2002

So realistic, it makes you feel as if you're flying a real plane. Flight Sim just gets better and better every year. You need a powerful machine to run it properly, and if you have a good graphics card, it sure pays off. 2002 has several awesome new aeroplanes, including the Cessna Amphibian seaplane, and the world's favourite airliner, the Boeing 747. The dynamic scenery in the world's major cities has also improved significantly. In Sydney, the buildings are so detailed you can see the names of the companies written on them. International attractions such as the Golden Gate Bridge, Mount Rushmore, Big Ben and the Eiffel Tower are all done spectacularly. 2002 also has a new virtual cockpit view, in which you can pan around the inside of the plane and see where all the buttons really are. And the most fun thing of all: for the first time ever, a proper Air Traffic Control system! Enjoy communicating with the control towers as you take off, fly around and land. Hours and hours of flying fun guaranteed in this package!

Author: Microsoft

Year released: 2002

Filed in: Simulation