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Ice Station

Ice Station

This is by far the most fast-paced, action-packed, weapons-loaded, trigger-happy thriller I have ever read. If you want people getting blown up at least once every second page, if you want elite military units from every corner of the globe battling it out with hi-tech gadgetry in a desolate ice station in Antarctica, and if you want the kind of plot that belongs in a Bruce Willis all-out action movie, then Ice Station is the perfect book for you! As I've commented before, this book has 'more action than you can pump out of an MP5'. Reilly's favourite hero, Paul Schofield - US Reconnaissance Marine - wins the day with his Bond-like mowing down of the bad guys, who range from fellow Yanks turned sour, to a Bunch of stuck up Pommies, to a group of elite Froggies. And all this set in the remote Wilkes Ice Station in the Australian Antarctic Territory! I recommend Ice Station as one of the most addictive, most unputdownable thrillers I've ever read. I also recommend Matt Reilly's other thrillers, Temple, Contest, and his latest, Area 7.

Author: Matthew Reilly

Year published: 2000

Filed in: Action / thriller